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    Business Development, Audit, Tax & Advisory

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  • Our Principles

    Integrity, Objectivity, Professional Competence, Confidentiality & Professional Behaviour.

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  • technical expertise

    We are committed to provide quality solutions to our clients at any stage of their life cycle, be it startup, turnaround or growth phase.

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Our Services

WAP Consulting offers its expertise and skill in solving problems, and is hired by organizations that need the expertise and outside perspective that we possess. We specialize in giving advice on a broad range of subjects.We understand our strength that we run on the power of our professional excellence which includes but not limited to the following areas:

Audit and assurance
Business Development
Commercial and market due diligence
Financial accounting
Financial due diligence
Management accounting
Regulatory services
SAP implementation & reporting
Taxation Services
Tariff & regulatory Services (energy sectors)


WAP Consulting aspires to be one of the best organizations in Pakistan, by any measure – an organization that creates real value for its clients and employees by delivering high quality consulting services and solutions; employs the best people, nurtures them, and enables them to succeed; and steadfastly commits itself to an ethic of honesty and service.

Our Work Methodology

While we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client, we also believe that successful engagements are defined by four principles


We structure our teams to enhance interaction with clients throughout the course of our work. Each team blends strong project management and client service skills with highlevel qualitative and quantitative analysis.


We build and maintain close ties with experts from academia, industry, civil society and government to ensure that our clients have access to the people and ideas that will make a real difference.


We work in highly flexible teams, enabling us to deploy the right talent for every challenge and rapidly scale resources to meet deadlines.


Our work meets rigorous standards of relevance and usefulness, as well as quality. We work closely with clients to visualize and translate complex ideas into clear business cases and compelling, credible arguments.

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